The most powerful thing you can do as an Insurance Agent:

Generate your own exclusive leads.

In this video, Shauna shares the exact system in Insurance Click To Close and answers the most FAQ.
Watch or keep scrolling for all the details.

Video Timestamps

Introduction, my experience, & how the course was created→ 00:00- 2:00

🎯 Overview of the exact system we teach→ 2:15- 11:15

Hear from other agents→ 12:22- 14:18
Real Results + Why ads don’t work for everyone→ 14:18- 15:35
FAQ Start→ 15:40


1 | How long will this take me? (To take the course & then to manage my ads?→ 15:43- 17:24
2 | Can I just hire an ads manager or you to run ads for me?→ 17:25- 18:20
3 | How much do I need spend?→ 18:21- 18:50
4 | What if I need to run ads to multiple LOBs &/ or to multiple states? Or other specific insurance scenarios?→ 18:51- 19:35
5 | Do you give us ads to use?→ 19:36- 20:52
6 | Do I have to have a CRM?→ 20:53- 21:28
7 | What if I need help?→ 21:29- 22:20 (More details 11:18- 12:22) 
8 | I’m not tech savvy. Will this work for me?→ 22:21- 24:10
See what more agents have to say→ 24:11- 25:30

More details and results below ⬇️

"I would have saved $10,000 if I knew about this course a few years ago...

Insurance Click To Close is completely different from any other ads course and has exceeded my expectations. I actually enrolled begrudgingly because I have invested thousands of dollars trying to run my own ads and have even hired people to run my ads. This is the first time I’m actually seeing results.
The course teaches you step by step everything you need to know to run a campaign properly. Shauna is incredibly detailed. I have never seen a course that truly breaks down everything step by step in such an easy to follow manner. Even if you are brand new to running ads, you will be able to start from scratch and follow this course.
I love that every part of this strategy is able to be duplicated for all parts of my business. I started with ACA ads (and my cost per leads immediately were 70% LOWER than ever before). Now I will start using this strategy for all my other lines of businesses (Medicare, life insurance, supplemental health, insurance for kids). I only wish I knew about this course earlier because it is going to help me change my business and reach my goals faster.

Roslyn Rosales

As an insurance agent, you know:

1️⃣ Leads are the lifeblood of your business.

It doesn’t matter how amazing you are at connecting with prospects or how great your pitch is- Without a constant flow of prospects in the pipeline, there are no clients.

2️⃣ Not all leads are created equal.

Let's be frank: Most lead agency leads are crap. Why? Because the lead agency and you have different goals.

👉 You Need Leads that are already interested in what you offer and are exclusive to you.

👉 Lead Vendors Need➞ Leads that are quick and cheap. Plus, they often sell these leads to multiple agents to maximize their profits.

This is how so many agents get stuck in the never-ending-cycle of buying leads, cold calling, chasing leads to talk to them, and meeting with junk leads. It’s stressful, frustrating, and a waste of time.

3️⃣ The right leads make all the difference. 

No matter how good you are with sales, your efforts will fall flat without the right prospects.

⭐️ Contacting a lead who has expressed interest -or even scheduled their own appointment with you- makes all the difference.

What if you could take full control of scaling your business by:

👉 Generating your OWN exclusive leads on autopilot and filling your schedule with prospects already looking for your services-

❌ WITHOUT being tech savvy, relying on lead vendors, or chasing prospects to meet with you?

(Because you can. And it's actually really easy.)

We share the complete system that is game-changing for insurance agents.

It's all in our step-by-step course:

Insurance Click To Close

Insurance Click To Close is the ultimate lead generation course specifically for insurance agents that shows you how to:

➡️ Leverage the power of Facebook & Instagram advertising to generate your own exclusive leads

➡️ Instantly connect with an automated workflow

➡️ Automatically prompt prospects to schedule an appointment

➡️ Become fully self-sufficient in managing your own Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaigns

In this easy-to-follow course, you'll move through the digital content at your own pace to set up your Facebook Meta Business manager, launch Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns, and create an automated workflow.

You will master how to fully manage your lead generation ads on your own.

(No tech experience necessary!)

*You'll have lifetime access to the digital course content and access to any and all updates.

⭐️ This is not like any other Facebook/Instagram Ads Course. This is only for Insurance Agents ready to generate their own leads on autopilot.

What's inside

Insurance Click To Close:
Master Facebook Lead Ads

Generate your own exclusive leads through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Follow along step-by-step to build your own lead generation campaign, hack-proof your account, and implement audience targeting strategies to prospects who are currently searching for your services.

~NO tech experience necessary~
[➤Value: $3,997]

Automated CRM

Instantly connect with your new leads through automation.

Copy our templates and complete workflow to automate prompting new leads to schedule an appointment with you.

Receive text notifications when you obtain a new lead so that you may directly contact your new lead OR just let the automation take care of all follow-ups.

[➤Value: $1,433]

Advanced Strategies

Utilize the most impactful strategies for your ads to reach your ideal audience, retarget users that engage with your ads, optimize campaigns to continuously decrease your cost per lead, and scale your successful campaigns without hurting your ROI. 
Beginners welcome!
[➤Value: $827]

Insurance Specific Strategies

This course is jam-packed with insurance specific campaign strategies and best practices.

We show you the best approach to run lead ads for specific situations such as: one insurance niche, multiple insurance niches, to one state, to multiple different states, targeting a specific age or age range, users about to turn 65, targeting based on income level, and so much more. 

Follow along in our videos and download the diagrams for your specific scenarios.

[➤Value: $997]

Repeatable System

Create a system that is reliable, repeatable, and scalable.

In less that 30 minutes a week, you will easily be able to maintain, scale, and manage your lead generation campaigns.

You are 100% in control of the ad spend, the content your ideal customer sees, and your business' growth.
[➤Value: Priceless]

Fully Self-sufficient

Create, interpret, optimize, and manage your own campaigns. We remove all the overwhelm and confusion when it comes to looking at your results.

No more guesswork: You will know exactly what changes need to be made in order to optimize your campaigns. 

You’ll go from beginner to advanced and fully be able to manage your own Facebook Lead Campaigns.
[➤Value: $2,800/month for typical Ad Manager retainer]

Check out some more of our results using this exact system:
🔓 Unlock the complete system to getting qualified leads scheduling appointments with you on auto-pilot.

ACA ◆ Medicare ◆ Life ◆ Final Expense ◆ Home ◆ Auto

Instant LIFETIME access to the course.

Including any and all updates.
Course Value............ $10,034

👉 Your Investment..... $1,497

📢 Business Training and Educational Courses are Tax Deductible.

"Insurance Click To Close is unlike any other course or YouTube training I've ever seen...

This course is incredibly comprehensive compared to all other courses on the marketplace. Shauna shares detailed information that I have never heard before in any other course. I have previously ran my own Ads without much success. Now, I know how to manage my marketing long-term and am able to predictably scale.
I highly recommend this course and am incredibly excited about the long term benefits from Luis and Shauna. I did not expect for this course to actually last long-term. Shauna keeps the course updated and it’s something I can always go back to. 
I love that this course shows you how to set up campaigns to reach your specific goals with your specific line of businesses (Medicare, ACA, Final Expense- and even if you are running ads in different states or all at the same time). This course is very user friendly and easy to follow. Shauna is incredibly supportive and greatly cares about our success. This course is truly different from any other course or training I’ve ever seen."

Kevin Roberts

We created Insurance Click To Close because we believe:

Attracting new prospects shouldn't require gambling your money on random lead agencies, begging for referrals, cold calling, or even cracking the Facebook/Instagram ads manager code.

Together, we developed a system that saves time, removes the frustration of chasing down leads, AND increases conversions.

Hi, I'm Luis

I've been an agent since 1999 and have been fortunate enough to grow a large well balanced agency for over 20 years. I was an early adopter to buying internet leads. Back then, I was buying leads for $1.00 each. At this price, we were buying over 1000 a month.

Since then, lead cost from vendors have sky rocketed. I have seen lead venders charge as much as $30 per lead- and they are not even exclusive to you. The lead vendor companies sell these to multiple agents and then it becomes a race to see who gets to the lead first. Not a good thing and also the ROI is awful.

Several years ago, I decided to create my own leads on social media. I was initially happy with my results... and then I had Shauna perform and Ad Audit on my account.

Shauna showed me impactful changes I had no idea existed that instantly brought my cost per lead down.

I now have complete control over my leads and how much I want to spend. These are my exclusive leads and are not shared with anyone else. This has been game changing for my agency.

In addition to generating my own leads, I have added a powerful, automated CRM that works the leads for me. I share this exact system with you in this course.

In this tough market, we have been able to generate leads to grow our book of business and not lose money with lead cost.

Hi, I'm Shauna

I've been a social media marketer since 2015 and launched my digital marketing agency, Social Waves Media, in 2017. In that time, I have managed over $1M ad spend in Meta/Facebook Advertising.

I specialize in helping my clients accelerate their growth and generate highly-targeted leads.

During my time of running ads, I've seen Facebook Advertising strategies drastically shift. Outdated strategies keep advertisers stuck- and I pride myself on keeping my approach updated and current (which equals success and major ROI).

I greatly care about my clients' success and love breaking these strategies down for you in an easy-to-follow step-by-step manner.

Insurance Click To Close will give you the power to generate your own leads on autopilot. I'll not only show you how to create your own Lead Generation Campaigns- I'll also show you how to be fully self-sufficient and easily manage your campaigns all on your own.

I can't wait to see in you inside!

Instant LIFETIME access to the course.

Including any and all updates.

Course Value............ $10,034

👉 Your Investment..... $1,497

📢 Business Training and Educational Courses are Tax Deductible.

“I’ve paid other people to run my ads and it was a disaster. The best part is that this doesn't have to be just for ACA or Medicare- this will work for all types of insurance. I can finally be in control of my own leads...

I chose to enroll in this course initially because Luis was a part of this and recommended it. Luis is a great agent and trainer, so I knew I could trust him.
This course includes all the little details that make all the difference. There is so much more than just the basic audience targeting. The back-end set up, the campaign structure, actually understanding the metrics- all those details are a game changer.
Shauna gives you a play by play of exactly what to do. She is incredibly detailed and the instructional part is very enjoyable. All you have to do is follow what she says and works. The best part is this doesn’t have to just be for ACA or Medicare- this will work for all types of insurance.

Marcie Lesnick 

3 Reasons
Insurance Click To Close will help scale your business:
This is not a "theory"...

It's a hands-on action-taking course. Follow along step-by-step to create your complete system for generating your own leads on auto-pilot.

We aren't about the fluff...

We also don't share information is isn't relevant to you. This course is laser focused only on the information relevant for Insurance Agents generating their own leads.

You don't have to be tech savvy...

To get BIG results. You don't even need a website or landing page. This course is designed to be EASY for you to follow, implement, and manage on your own.

This is the moment you make the decision to CHANGE EVERYTHING and take control of your business.
🔓 Unlock the complete system to getting qualified leads scheduling appointments with you on auto-pilot.

ACA ◆ Medicare ◆ Life ◆ Final Expense ◆ Home ◆ Auto

Instant LIFETIME access to the course.

Including any and all updates.
Course Value............ $10,034

👉 Your Investment..... $1,497

📢 Business Training and Educational Courses are Tax Deductible.

"You do not need any Facebook/ Instagram Ad experience for this course to work for you...

This course is excellent. Insurance Click To Close literally shows you how to start from scratch and build out productive ads that are profitable for Insurance Agents. The content is incredibly rich, detailed, and easy to follow. You do not need any experience in ads for this course to work for you. I also love that it is self-paced.
Before the course I tried to run my own ads, hired someone to run ads, and have purchased leads from lead vendors. Thanks to Shauna, I can do my own fishing and be in control of generating my own leads.”

Charissa James

You've got questions...
We've got answers.


Insurance Click To Close
What is the total cost?
The total cost is a one-time payment of $1,497.
What all do I get?
You instantly gain access to the entire digital course, Insurance Click To Close. You can log-in from any and all devices.
Most of the digital course content is step-by-step videos, but you’ll also find downloads, templates, and relevant links. The videos are broken down in bite-size pieces so you can move through the course one step at time. You get lifetime access to the digital content including any and all updates.
What are Facebook/Instagram Lead Ads?
Lead ads are built-in forms where you collect a new lead's name, email, and any other information you want. They are customizable and can be integrated with your CRM. You can effectively run lead ads without a website or even a landing page.
What do I need to get started?
Not much! Your must haves are:
• Personal Facebook account
Facebook Business page
Instagram Business Profile (we show you how to convert an Instagram account to a Business account) 
Recommended is:
Email CRM- We show you exactly how to sign-up and use AgentCRM, but you can also use your own (like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc.) to add new leads and plug in our workflow.
Automatic Scheduler- so new leads can scheduled an appointment with you. We show you how to use Calendly- but any scheduler will do.
The CRM and scheduler are technically optional. We show you how to set them up in the first part of the program (so you can automate 99% of the follow up)- but you also have the option to just download your leads directly from Facebook.
How long will this take me?
This depends on your interests and effort. Some people will take around 1-2 weeks, but if you really want to move quickly, you could move through all the content in a day.
This does not mean we recommend you finish everything in 1 day- as you will need to set some items up and work on your ad creative- but if you really wanted to, you could publish a Facebook/ Instagram Campaign within 48 hours. 
What will my average cost per lead be?
This is a very hard question to answer because there are many different variables (location, target audience’s CPM, ad creative, etc) when it comes to determining your price per lead- so we can’t guarantee a price. 
We can guarantee that you'll have the tools to determine why your cost per lead is what it is and be able to self-diagnose exactly what needs to change to potentially bring that cost per lead down.
When you are buying leads from lead vendors- getting the cheapest lead is important because it’s such a numbers game. When you are running your own ads and generating your own leads- it’s a completely different experience. You are targeting people that are already looking for your services AND that voluntarily decided to request a meeting with you. Even if the price per lead is slightly higher, the close rate should be higher. Higher-quality leads = saving time and increasing ROI.
Once I enroll, what happens next?
Whahooo- We’re excited! As soon as you join, you'll gain instant access to the course so you can jump in and get started.
What if I need additional support?
This course is set up for you to be able to easily follow along, set up your own ads, and fully manage your campaigns.
However, in the event you would like on-going support, you will be invited to join The Inner Circle (a private membership group with monthly meetings and unlimited access to ads coach).
*After you enroll, you will be offered an opportunity to join The Inner Circle for the lowest possible rate. The normal monthly rate is $109/month, you will be invited with a limited time offer for $59/month.
Do you offer a money back guarantee or refund policy? 
We know the strategies inside Insurance Click To Close works. That’s why we include a full money back guarantee within 12 days of enrollment- you can read all the details here.
If you do the work, complete the assignments, and implement what you’ve learned (you’ll have to show proof) and are still not happy, we’ll happily refund you your full amount.
Do I need to be tech savvy?
Nope, you sure don’t! Anyone that can follow directions and take action will be able to succeed inside this course! You’ll find everything you need to set up and maintain your ads all on your own.
Disclaimer and policies found here.

Still have questions? Email us!

Luis[email protected]

Shauna's Team[email protected]

"Insurance Click To Close is completely different from any other ads course. I've spent $1,000's of dollars on other Ads Courses and even hired "experts" to run my ACA, Medicare, and Life Insurance ads without any results.
This course will teach you how to run ads correctly the first time. There is no frustration, no guessing, no money wasted- it is all laid out and easy to follow. Shauna's teachings have completely changed my business."

-Roslyn Rosales

It's all just a few clicks away...

The complete system to leverage the power of Facebook advertising to generate your own leads, instantly connect with an automated workflow, automatically prompt prospects to schedule an appointment, fully manage your own ads, and convert more prospects than ever before.

📢 Business Trainings and Courses are Tax Deductible.

Ready to start generating your own, exclusive leads?
🔓 Unlock the complete system to getting qualified leads scheduling appointments with you on auto-pilot.

ACA ◆ Medicare ◆ Life ◆ Final Expense

Instant LIFETIME access to the course.

Including any and all updates.
Course Value............ $10,034

👉 Your Investment..... $1,497

📢 Business Training and Educational Courses are Tax Deductible.

“I’ve paid other people to run my ads and it was a disaster. Thanks to this course I had 6 ACA leads and 8 medicare leads in less than 24 hours. I can finally be in control of my own leads. All of the details Shauna shares makes a huge difference.”

-Marcie Lesnick